The Soering Case

Jens Soering:
A name that still polarizes!

Is he a cold-blooded killer?
Or the victim of a miscarriage of justice?

Reasonable doubt? — The definite book on the case!
For decades, many details of the Haysom/Soering case have been misrepresented or taken out of context. Now, for the first time, 14 contemporary witnesses and experts examine these details closely, evaluating what can actually be proven — and what is just rumor or conjecture. Never before have all the accusations and insinuations been addressed, and all open questions been answered.

14 experts and eyewitnesses, including bestselling author John Grisham, the original lead detective Chuck Reid as well as a former friend and fellow inmate of Elizabeth Haysom´s, provide insights and share their perspectives. DNA evidence, crime scene photographs, trial tactics, FBI profiles – the entire case file comes under their microscope!

Podcast – The Jens Soering Case: A new verdict

Was he a naive, lovestruck nerd, or a calculating double murderer?

Horrific crimes are committed every day, unfortunately, but only a few remain in the public eye for decades afterwards. Hardly any case has polarized the public as much over the last 38 years as that of the German diplomat’s son Jens Soering. 

In this 10-part podcast series, hosts Daniela Hillers and Ralph Guise-Ruebe critically examine a homicide case from the 1980s: the murders of Derek and Nancy Haysom in Virginia, a crime that has come to be known as the Jens Soering case.

Would Jens Soering still be indicted and convicted today, based on the evidence available now? Was the trial in 1990 conducted according to the principles of due process?
Daniela Hillers is an author and journalist who was written widely on the German terrorist group RAF. Ralph Guise-Ruebe is the Senior Judge and President of the Hannover Regional Court in Germany. In addition to Jens Soering himself, a total of 14 experts on the case all have their say, providing listeners their in-depth insider knowledge.

The lead detective spills the beans!

38 years after the murders of the Haysom couple, Chuck Reid (Senior Investigator, Bedford County Sheriff’s Department, ret.) puts an end to the speculations surrounding the case.

Over 170 pages, he presents his each piece of evidence as it came across his desk in 1985. Then he goes on to examine the trial in 1990 and all of the developments over the following decades. Reid’s report avoids argument and instead presents trial records, forensic reports, letters and crime scene photographs, so that readers can form their own opinions.

“Just the facts, ma’am!” That principle should have guided the investigation of the case, the trials and the appeals. Sadly, it didn’t. But now, with Chuck Reid’s report, readers will finally get all the facts — including those the jury at Soering’s trial never saw.

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